Dennis Drymala

Capital Accounting

Project accounting for all capital construction projects is provided by the Division of Budget and Finance. Once funding is authorized for a capital construction project, all project accounting services from account creation through invoice payment on the project, and, "ultimately", project close-out, are provided by the Manager of Capital Accounting, Department of Budget and Financial Analysis.

This revised procedure for capital construction projects accounting will simplify and unify the project accounting services required for the project, eliminate redundancy, and provide a streamlined approach to project accounting services required by the project managers for all capital construction projects.

Our Vision:  We enthusiastically embrace the pursuit of national eminence with the University by providing a dynamic, customer oriented organization through continuous development of a strong interactive team with the expertise to support our University partners. We provide accurate and timely financial information, promote open communication and collaborative relationships with our customers, foster a supportive and caring environment, and respond and adapt to a changing financial environment.




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